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Waxing Information



Most people who are interested in waxing are currently shaving. 

Please keep in mind that waxing requires a quarter to a half inch of hair, therefore you should stop shaving a week to two weeks before your waxing service.

Pre-Service Recommendations

On the day of your waxing service please do not tan in a tanning bed, tan with self tanner, or wear tight fitting clothing to your appointment. 

Waxing is exfoliating and therefore will remove self tanner. Being heavily tanned from a tanning bed or sunburned increases your risk of bruising and/or damaging the top layer of skin. Any client who has a visible sunburn will be asked to reschedule their waxing appointment. 

After Care

It is normal for waxed areas to have a slightly pink, puffy or irritated appearance after a waxing service. This will subside quickly, usually by the next day. You can help this along by wearing loose fitting clothing, avoiding excessive sweating and exercise, abstaining from sex (Brazilian waxing and Bikini waxing clients), and keeping the area clean and dry for the 12 hours following your appointment. 


In approximately 6 weeks you will have enough hair to wax again, a quarter to a half inch. Everyone is different and your regrowth rate may vary.

Continued waxing will result in thinner, finer hair and longer lasting results.